On Reiki

Reiki Basics

  • Reiki is energy. Specifically, spiritually guided energy. It goes where it “needs” to go and can work on a mental, spiritual, emotional, or physical level. A recipient will only get whatever she needs (on whichever level is most needed at the time). A practitioner is merely a vessel, and will channel as much as she is able to do so. For that reason, it’s important to work with someone who practices reiki regularly on herself, and is as clear a channel as possible.
  • The channel and the recipient can both have a specific healing intention in mind (for instance a physical ailment, or a mental block), but ultimately, reiki will go where it is most needed.
  • Reiki does not replace doctors or medicines, exercise, healthy eating, etc. but can be used to support traditional therapies.

Reiki Sensations

  • Reiki works whether you believe in it or not. It’s energy. Each session is totally different. That’s because each time you are different and have different needs. For some sessions you may feel absolutely nothing at all. This is totally normal, and in fact, many times I don’t feel anything either. Some people feel tingling or waves of energy in specific areas or throughout their body. In other words, you may feel something, or nothing. Either is fine.
  • During the session you may find yourself very relaxed, dozing in and out of semi-sleep. You make take a full out nap, or, (for instance if you’re at home in your own bed at night), you may fall asleep during the session and wake up in the morning.

Local and Distant

  • Many reiki sessions occur in person. In this case the recipient will often recline, fully clothed, on a table (like a massage table). With soft music playing, the practitioner will begin to move her hands to various positions over the client’s body. Usually there is no touching, or only very light touching. A reiki session is not like a massage, so there is no rubbing.
  • The practitioner will channel reiki usually for about 3-5 minutes per location, before moving to another area of the body. Some practitioners will follow a specific protocol of hand positions, while others will move where they are intuitively guided to do so. An in-person session can last from 30 minutes to an hour or more. Most sessions last about an hour.
  • During a distant reiki session, the client and the practitioner can be anywhere in the world. They agree upon a time and the practitioner begins to channel reiki. She may use something as a proxy for the client and imitate the traditional hand positions as if in person. Or she may just sit still and meditate, allowing the reiki to flow all at once. Both methods work equally well. A distant reiki session can last anywhere from 20-45 minutes. Most sessions last about 30 minutes.

Pre and Post

  • Before a reiki session, you may want to journal or take stock of what’s going on in your life. At the time of the session, relax and make sure you are in a comfortable position, and at a comfortable temperature. You wouldn’t want to stop to get a blanket or turn on a fan. Also, and this is important, take off your watch if you wear one! You are conducting energy and reiki has been known to stop watches.
  • After the session, drink plenty of water. The energy you’re conducting will act as a sort of detox for your life (again physical, mental, spiritual or emotional). If your session is at night, at least sip on a little bit if you don’t fall asleep immediately. Be sure to drink lots of water in the 2-3 days following a reiki session to help continue the detoxing process. You’ll probably be thirsty. Obey your thirst!
  • Some people find they are suddenly bursting with energy after a session. Some are a little irritable the first 24 hours or so. Both reactions are normal. Just be gentle with yourself. Still others report being a little “loopy” after a session. This is also normal. Walking barefoot on the grass/dirt/floor is an easy way to ground yourself. You can also take a salt bath.
  • Continue to journal so you can make note of any shifts you notice. Some people experience a feeling of “reorganization” in their lives. Others just feel that “something” is different, but they don’t know what. Don’t create expectations about how you will experience the reiki. Just know that it is loving energy, helping you in the ways you need it, even if you can’t always discern it.

Open Channel

  • I am a reiki channel, which means reiki can flow through me, but I am also a channel for communication. If you would like to tell me how you experienced the session, please feel free! If you have questions or concerns before or after, ask away! I will do my best to respond as quickly and as openly as possible.

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