Waiting In Between

It’s often hard for those of us who are “doers” to be in a holding pattern. But the Universe is getting ready for you.

So said @ChrisMacDen in consolation to me and another tweep, @MeaggiePie. We were discussing our lack of serious contribution to the global discussion board known as Twitter. I lamented feeling “in between” and having nothing much of value to say as of late.

I’m in between because I lack clarity on next steps about my career. At best, I have a vague and fuzzy sense about the work I should take up. I have one part-time job and two verbal offers for others. But I’m waiting on them to begin. In the interim, I know neither of the three jobs are long term strategies. They are ways to earn money and valuable experience while I wait design and develop my ideal career path.

I don’t like this feeling of stagnation, but on reflection, I don’t think the universe is really getting ready for me. I think it’s waiting on me to get ready. Rightly or wrongly, I believe that the universe conspires for my success. But at the very least, I must present it with a plan or a vision of what that might mean. You can always be redirected if you find yourself going down the wrong path, but I’m not sure how much meaningful progress you make doing nothing.

Sure, standing still, listening, regrouping, they are all valuable things to do, but at some point you have to start moving if you ever plan to arrive at your destination. I guess I need to figure out what that is…

I have a few ideas. I’m giving myself until my birthday to flesh them out.

Waiting In Between

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